Words of Grace Weekly Reflections

2020 WAS A TOUGH YEAR. As a church, while we are working to get through this difficult time we are also looking forward to the exciting work we believe God will do in us this year. Last winter God gave us a vision to create a book full of devotions on scripture by many of you! We will work from a list of 52 of the most significant chapters in the Bible. The plan will be to organize our worship service and preaching around that same list each week. We hope that participating in the same text in our private devotionals and our public worship will lead us to deeper waters in each passage. 

We did not ask for scholarly takes on the text. We wanted to hear the perspective as a mom, a teen, a teacher, a doctor, a neighbor, or a friend. We are looking to see where God has met you in that text.

  • Words of Grace Full book

    Select the picture on the left to download the full electronic PDF version of the Words of Grace.

  • Words of Grace Reading Schedule

    Follow along all year with the Words of Grace  readings. If you get behind you can use this schedule to catch up. Each week’s text will be the focus of our worship service on the Sunday following the reading in Words of Grace. We encourage you each week to read the chapter, read the devotional, and discuss it with your family and friends.

    Select the picture on the left to download the reading schedule.


    This year the Bible reading challenge is tied  to Words of Grace. All you have to do is to read the weekly chapter, devotional, and then discuss it with someone in your family. They will sign somewhere on your page that you discussed it with them. If you complete each week until the end of you, you get a free trip (location TBA). 

    I am hoping and praying you will have  wonderful discussions!!!

    Select the picture on the left to download the reading schedule.