RElational Affirming EQUIPPING Missional

Christ-focused relationships affirm and equip people for mission.

missions that we support

We are called to go out into the world. We support the missions in our own local community as well as global.

  • Paducah cooperative ministry

    For more information about PCM, visit their website.

  • starfish orphan ministry

    For more about Starfish Orphan Ministry, visit their website

  • West Africa

    We support work in west Africa to change the culture of orphanages and treatment of babies. In country where family adoption was almost non-existent, young children are now finding homes with relatives.

  • puerto rico

    In 2018, RCC took a team to PR to help rebuild houses, build relationships with the community and the local church, and strengthened Christian relationships with each member of the Reidland team. This team is one way to be the hands and feet of Jesus globally.

    There are plans to make a return trip in 2021.

  • Honduras

    We support Tomas & Rita Ochoa, missionaries in a small remote village in Honduras.