Welcome to reidland church!

Join us right here each Sunday Morning starting at 9:30 am for Praise and Harmony music and main service begins at 10 am.

While we cannot worship in person at this time, we will have an interactive online gathering each week. Many members of the congregation will be participating each week in the service. You can take communion with us. Gather with your family each Sunday. Feel free to invite friends and neighbors to join us.

This Week's Program

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Streaming Services

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  • Global Reach of reidland

    Reidland has provided access to God's people,  no matter where they are in the world.

  • DOmestic reach of reidland

    During COVID-19 shutdown, Reidland has a reach to almost every state in the union. We have been proud to create an online worship environment that an individual can take part whether in their home, in a car, or in woods. Even if someone didn't participate in the service live, access to past services during COVID-19 and  pre-shutdown, we want to provide a brother or sister access to bring them closer to God. 


To join a group meeting for the Reidland Church of Christ please click here.  You will be asked to download and install the ZOOM app if you have not already done so.  If you need the password please contact the church office or staff.